“Empecé un blog que nadie lee…”

Irene 16 Jul 2007 4 comentarios

Un post para bloggers fanáticos. Un tema de Sprites: I Started A Blog Nobody Read (ir a la página de ODEO).

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La letra:

I started a blog which nobody read,
When I went to work I blogged there instead.
I started a blog which nobody viewed, it might be in cash but topics include….
● George Bush is an evil moron
● What’s the story with revolving doors.
● I’m in love with a girl who doesn’t know I exist.
● Nobody hates preppies any more.

I started a blog, but nobody came,
No issues were raised, no comments were made.
I started a blog which nobody read,
I’ll admit that it wasn’t that great. But if you must know here is what is said…
● 100 of my favourite albums.
● 200 people I can’t take.
● 400 movies I would like to recommend.
● 10 celebrities, four of whom I might assassinate.

I started a blog, I sent you the link,
I wanted the world and you to know what I think.

I started a blog but when I read yours it made me forget what I had started mine for.

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Actualización: el sitio del grupo y su espacio en myspace.

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